FAQs about your underbite.

Thanks for your great site on TMJ and under/over bite correction!

I'm from Sydney, Australia. Age 37.

I have an underbite where my top front teeth sit behind and against my bottom front teeth and I'm sick of the way it looks and the way it effects my speech, so I'm gonna try the face pulling method using a cricket helmet, and a modified mouth guard like on your website. A whole 3mm of my top teeth go behind the bottom teeth, so its quite a bad underbite.

By the way, I had like 6 or 8 teeth extracted in my late teens as my small mouth was way overcrowded, plus I had more teeth than anyone the dentist had ever seen, before I got braces, retainer, bands.....

My bite was good a few years ago, as I had a slight overbite (normal), but I of course still had a sunken mid-face, by about 10mm.

In the last 18 months or so my maxilla has gradually moved back, and down a little too. I think, from getting too LARGE infected molars out in surgery about 18 months ago (one on each top side, from at the very back).

I'm pretty sure I have TMJ too, as I have re-occurring intense pain in both jaw joints after eating. Right below my temples. Some days I don't tho - the pain level varies each time depending on how much hard food I eat and how long I was chewing. I've only had TMJ for about the last year or so. By the way, the pain intensifies if I pull my lower jaw forwards a little.

I wanna ask u some important things about the technique:

Why do u only wear the helmet 30 mins a day - is it just coz its about as much pain as people can take at a time, or is it all thats needed?

Could I wear it for longer each day (as long as I can put up with the discomfort) so that 1 hour a day would halve the overall time, or 2 hours a day would halve the time again - does it work like that?

Why is this face pulling technique only suitable for a measly 30% of people, and how did yez come to a figure of just 30% ??

When u say "Some patients suddenly develop suicidal tendencies and other mental problems" - I take it that is solely from the awful look of their new bite? ;)

How long after you stop using the helmet does the maxilla's bone growth stop altogether - right away I suppose?

I'll keep a close eye on the teeths movement every day, and will stop if they move in a bad way.

I'll let u know how it is going, after about two weeks.

Thanks again.

Hi, I emailed yez last week and got a great reply, thanks, but I just realised something about the face pulling method I wanna ask yez.

K said to me that the maxilla bone doesn't grow outward, but rather bones just shift around (move). So if that's the case, then when u eventually stop pulling the face, won't the maxilla gradually return to its original sunken position, as it did in the first place because teeth were removed. This is logical and expected as there are no new teeth stopping it from doing that again. U agree?

thanks again.

No, the teeth and bones do not go back. The body always wants to be in the optimal position. You are helping it to get there.

OK, Sorry to be a pain, but I'm a bit confused.

I understand that the body would want to stay in the optimal position, but then why did the maxilla move back in the first place as that is less optimal, (and teeth extraction can't be the answer in that case)?

Thanks again.

Hi, great site, and thanks for taking the time to answer my email.

I'd like to attempt this face-pulling technique, but first I wanted to ask u about whether this technique can be done by attaching the rubber bands from the helmet to an expensive custom DNA appliance, or do u think this might damage or distort the appliance and so may be too risky?

Can u please let me know your opinion of the DNA appliance method of expanding the upper jaw, which expands the maxilla sideways on each side & outward/forward as well (as I need), and whether it is a better/worse/about the same option, compared to the face pulling technique?

By the way, I have an under bite, with my upper front teeth going down behind my lower front teeth about 2mm, and my mid-face is about 10mm sunken (from optimal).

Could I do the 30 minutes a day lightwire forces face pulling as well (on my dna appliance) to get an even better result?


Hello, I just read your page on face pulling and am very interested in doing this technique, however I have one question.. I am already doing the homeoblock for several months now, and was hoping that I could attach the rubber bands at the right point without doing any modifications to the homeoblock, bit it seem I have to..or does it? Are the homeoblocks already kind of setup for this, or should I just use my silicon retainer with hooks like you have a picture of in your page...what would you do in this situation...thanks for your time!

The homeoblock that Kevin used needed to be modded in the lab. Can you send me a picture of your silicone retainer?

Hi Plato, thanks for your response and help, but I just discovered today that my homeoblock has hooks where they need to be..just behind the eye teeth so I don't need to do anything..can't wait to start doing this...I had NCR done back in 2001 in San Antonio TX about four times, but after the first two times I didn't see or feel any changes...maybe for similar reasons you stopped getting results after a certain point? Anyway, thanks a lot for the information!

Hello, I contacted you one before regarding if I could use my homeoblock for facepulling, and I have been using it for this however I afraid I might be putting too much stress on it and causing it to bend a little in a way it's not suppose to, so what I would like to do is use my old soft retainer and wrap wire around it just like the one you show depicted on your webpage...my mother wants to try this as well so I need to make her one anyone since she does not have any hard retainer or baces, so my question is what gage and strength wire do I get for this?

I have looked for retainer wire but there are many different sizes and strengths..also it seems to be difficutl to find ones with hooks on the end like the one depicted. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!

Hello, I was wondering if I could use a good mouth guard with heavy gauge dental wire strategically rapped around the ends like in the photo you have on your website using the soft retainer? This way I don't have to pay $150 to get a soft retainer made.

Thanks for your help!

Hello, I've been face pulling for about 3 months, but I don't really see or feel any changes so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. I think I was doing it too long and too hard at first (40 minutes, and would feel sour after). I changed that to 20 minutes from advice from you with less force, but maybe still too much force. Since I believe the amount of pressure is key here, I was thinking maybe the best way to know the right amount of pressure to use is by asking you how should my jaw feel right after I finish the exercise. Should there be any soreness at all. My main problem is my jaw is under developed and short (overbite, receded chin) I never had braces or wisdom teeth pulled, and my jaw is a bit crooked as you can see this in my mouth when closed.

Also, should most of the pressure during the exercise be directed out or up..that is another thing I'm not very clear on. I had NCR about 12 years ago in San Antonio, TX about 4 times, and that made a difference but after the first two treatments there was very little change if any. I just would like to know what you would do in my situation, I am dying to get results so I am open to anything to get me to do this correctly for optimum results!

Oh, one last thing, I've been doing homeoblock for about 8 months now and that is what I've been using to facepull, but I have not had any modifications done to the homeoblock since it seemed the two inclosed square shaped wire on the homeoblock seemed to be strategically positioned for facepulling since paperclips can be mounted on these squares that cradle the tooth behind the eye teeth so that the clip is positioned right behind the eye teeth when facepulling (shown in the photos I sent). Is this okay?

Thanks a lot for your time and help!

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