FAQs about plagiocephaly.

I went to my first DNA appliance consultation and discovered the orthodontist to be totally useless. It's pretty funny like you said - I seemed to know more about the subject than him, and the debate got pretty heated lol, especially when I brought the idea about achieving ideal facial structure, he flat out told me it just can't be done. Even though he knew about NCR. Anyway he wouldn't even offer the palatal expansion as an option for me since I already had extractions...


On to the next one.

Yea, Dentists, they are worthless...

I met a pretty decent orthodontist, I think, he understands what I'm trying to do, and is willing to work with me... with the DNA appliance. So I am getting pretty certain that I will get the DNA appliance in the very near future. I am also going to see another orthodontist tomorrow.

A quick question, once I get the DNA appliance, can you make modifications to that so I can do face pulling with the appliance?

I'm just trying to think logically here. If I get the DNA appliance and my palate start expanding and changing shape week-to-week, I'll also need a mouth piece that is expanding so I can do face-pulling. Am I right? Don't you use a homeoblock mouthpiece that has been modified for face-pulling?

It's not feasible to replace a mouth piece weekly. I'm hoping you can shed some light on this.

You should get the orthodontist to make the modification. I will not modify his device.

Hey how's it going, things are moving forward and I wanted to check in with you about something.

Ok after hitting up every orthodontist that does the DNA appliance in Michigan. I'm down to two orthodontists and I'm trying to decide which one to go with. My mom has been helping me so we're pretty serious about this commitment.

Tomorrow I plan on really challenging them, and see which one of them is willing to do the face pulling modifications with the DNA appliance, and which of them generally seems to have an understanding of bone remodeling.

If you could let me know how you modified your homeoblock?

Where do you place the hooks? Do you need something that attaches to the back molars? How big is the hook? Is this something that stays in the mouth when the mouth is closed? .

The picture on your website is really hard to see clearly.

I want to have a clear understanding of what needs to be done, so I can explain to the orthodontist exactly what I need.

Dr. Belfor made me a second appliance that is not a homeoblock. It is a retainer with screws to open the palate. It is made with stronger steel to resist bending under pressure. I doubt that they will do this for you since they have not heard of this technique. You use the device for 30 minutes a day so it would actually be a second device and not an actual modification of the DNA appliance. There is a lip built up in the back of the molars to pull the maxilla forward. No one knows about bone remodeling except for a few, I would not hit them that hard, they will shut down on you. The only reason Dr. Belfor even tried this is because he met Dr. Howell and saw patients doing the process and the fact that I referred in about 10 people to him. I had leverage that you do not have on these dentists, be aware of that. Politics are in every field, this is something that you will learn.

Hey... So it seems that these dentists won't be able to make the face-pulling appliance for me. I'm left with two dentists. The first dentist told me they will not go out of Dr. Singh's protocols. And Dr. Singh is working on a face-pulling appliance at the moment, but it won't become available at least until the fall. I have been waiting on the other dentist to get back to me, but it's already been over 2 weeks, and he's reluctant to contact me, even though I keep calling the front office and the secretaries tell me he will. I'm slowly losing hope for this dentist and I'm dubious about his integrity. Even though I had high hopes for him before since I thought he might do the face-pulling thing for me, but at the end of the day he seem to just follow Dr. Singh's directions.

This leaves me with the first Dr., who is an older man probably in his 60's and he also works closely with Dr. Singh. What I liked about this D.r was that he really took his time with me during the consultation, and after we had finished discussing everything, he told me to go home and think it over and talk to my dad first because he was concerned that this was going to be a very expensive process. He told us to call him when we thought we were ready.

Whereas with the second doctor, a much younger guy, probably in his early 40's or late 30's, it felt as if the consultation was rushed a little bit, and he sent me and my mom straight to the financial office to setup the payment plan, right after. Even though I liked the fact that he thought highly of Dr. Singh and the fact that he was young might mean he's more passionate, his approached seemed more business oriented.

Well it's taken me a quite a long time to even decide which orthodontist to go with. At the moment, I'm leaning towards the older dentist.

I was going to go with the one who would do the face-pulling along with the DNA, but it's starting to look like they both just aren't ready to administer the face-pulling therapy just yet...However regardless I do want to start expanding my palate, the psychological struggle that's associated with the narrow palate of mine is just...well ... exhausting.

If I'm about to commit to this DNA palatal expanding process I want to gain maximum results as possible - so I want to do face pulling ASAP, this is why I've held off on starting the DNA right away.

I would suggest to start face-pulling first and go back to the dentist after 90 days of face-pulling and see how the changes have progressed. Face-pulling relieves symptoms better than palatal expansion. After 90 days of face-pulling you should see some positive results and have a clearer understanding of the treatment path that you would like to pursue. Forcing the issue at this point will be counter-productive Whatever face-pulling appliance that this guy is attempting to make will probably actually cause harm and degrade facial symmetry. Dentists do not know structure, they force change rather than work with connective tissue tension patterns. Monkeys with a wrench...

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