FAQs about pectus excavatum.

Plato, congratulations! You look really great.

To begin with it appears that you had a roundish face shape, which meant it was fairly achievable for you to "square it out". So so lucky. My face shape is oval and it grew very LONG during childhood from mouthbreathing due to sinus allergies, so it is more challenging for me to get the results now. My maxilla overgrew downwards and backwards as well as being crunched back further by the corrupt orthodontist, so really the only thing that can fix the excessive vertical dimension for me is surgery.

Having said that, I am getting some nice lateral results from ALFs, damons, facepulling and facepushing (fingers in mouth pushing up under cheekbones). My face looks progressively wider and I have some zygomatic definition, which is really encouraging since previously I had NO shape there whatsoever, however my face is still long, unfortunately. At the end of all this I may possibly get LeFort to shorten it to a normal length.

That fact that you have achieved these results as a mature adult really defies the stupid logic of conventional orthodontics. I wish someone would publish your case in a medical journal as proof, so the paradigm can shift and help so many other people.

From your pic I agree that it looks as though you could still expand some more, because your teeth aren't even tipping yet (which often happens at the limits of expansion). Personally I have both upper and lower ALFs in right now and at an expansion rate of 1mm per fortnight, my mandible is continually expanding in a stable way whereas previously with a lower shwartz appliance my ortho thought we had hit the limit. ALFs are sprinkled with magical fairy dust, I swear..

Go ahead and work on your symmetry, you already have a good looking face and anything further can only improve it. The funniest thing about all this facial development stuff is that people will notice that you are more attractive than you used to be, but I bet a lot of them won't be able to put their finger on why! haha

Can't wait to see your updated website. May I suggest that if possible you might want to consider organising the information on your site into individual pages for different topics, instead of one very large page. It can make it easier for people to sort through and process that way, especially since you're still going to add more.

Well done with everything. Please let me know when you update the website :)

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