FAQs about your palate expander.

I'm very interested in your site. God bless you for creating it. I'd like to ask few questions. As I understand, I have to get custom made palate expander with 2 hooks infront? Do you also need NCR therapy? I'm really interested in trying it out, but I don't have any equipment. I'd really appreciate it if you could explain this a little bit more, since your site is down.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for the kind words! Also, thanks for letting me know my site is down. I had no idea and now I am furious. The web hosting company is a bunch of assholes and I just did a transfer a few minutes ago to a better one.

To do face-pulling you need ANY device that will allow you to exert forces on your maxilla/upper palate. The easiest is a simple Hawley retainer. If you have braces, just attach to the archwires.

Are you currently using a particular appliance that you are considering modifying for face-pulling?

You do not need NCR therapy to do this, but it helps. :)

Thank you for the reply!

This site of yours is so valuable, I have been making a lot of copies. Hehe.

I currently don't have any kind of device, although I'm praying to get one. I'm no expert, but I feel as my maxilla, mandible and cheekbones are set back. It just makes my face look weird from the side due to excess skin. It's also pretty narrow from the front. As I understood, that device would be able to pull my face forward? It's pretty much, around 10mm. It's been pretty nerve wrecking.

Could I do this all by myself? Does it have to pull at a certain angle?

You also mentioned something about it widening the palate or I got it wrong?

I can't thank you enough for the hope you gave me.

Hi I read your page about face-pulling and I am very interested in this. I am 21 years old and i have a recessed lower jaw and an open bite. I have never had braces so my teeth are a little crowded as well. Anyway I was wondering if I just got a custom retainer made for my face-pulling, will it straighten my teeth as they are brought forward? Also I've been looking at getting an appointment from a place in California called Face Focused. It looks expensive but those are the kind of results I'm looking for and I was wondering if you think there is much more they can do for me that this method can't.

Thank you.

Teeth will not straighten automatically from wearing a retainer nor from face-pulling. To straighten teeth requires braces or a removable appliance that can be adjusted. You will need the help of an ortho for this.

Face Focused is very impressive. If I lived in Cali, I would most definitely check them out! They can definitely do far more for you then this method alone. Since you have an open bite, I would confer with your ortho about using this method as well - as it may not be suitable.

Since you never had braces before, here is your chance to get it right the first time. Find the best ortho you can, and produce the look of your dreams!

Thanks so much for your reply. I am going to take your advice and get in contact with Face Focused then. :)

Hello, I read your website about face pulling and I find it very interresting. The result you got is really amazing. Later this year I will have orthodontics. When I went to the orthodontist I insisted to have transmandibular distraction to give room to all my lower teeth and improve my face. He said I would need surgically assisted palatal expansion to go with it. My upper jaw is naturally pretty much forward compared to my forehead and brow bone that are quite flat (and I have an overbite) I have pretty large and prominent cheekbones even though they are flat on the front. So is the face pulling technique gonna give me the "inbred retard" look you're talking about? Or it's gonna improve my face? Here's a picture so you can see more concretely. I understand that if I decide to do it, it's my entire responsibility and choice and you're not responsible for it :P.

Well you are a rather handsome lad already and got that Tom Cruise look going on. Although I don't have a front shot, it seems you have symmetry... you occlusion looks like the lower jaw may underbite ever-so-slightly (are you sure it is an overbite?) but I think only people like me would be conscious of it and it does give you an edgy look that people find attractive. I am guessing from the partial front shot that there is tooth crowding that you wish to remedy.

You must be careful before going through with surgery. Do you have pics of your teeth that the ortho took? I am always in favor of ALF appliances over time as opposed to surgery which really is working in a 2D plane and can make a mess ofyour look. I am concerned because as I said you are a handsome attractive guy (I am not gay I just think so lol) and there is a real danger that surgery will make a mess of your proportions. Slow and steady and working in 3D with your bones is always a better proposition. One room has been made in a holistic fashion, then teeth can be straightened. Damon braces can also work miracles without surgery. If you are young, and don't mind wearing an appliance for 5 years (ALF cannot be seen) then you can do the same thing as surgery with no room for error.

When you use these non-surgical methods, face-pulling can easily be integrated safely and your progress monitored.

My point is to really think hard about surgery because you probably don't need it to achieve your result, it is expensive, gruesome and when they fuck it up there is no going back.

Wow thank you for the fast reply! Yes my lower jaw underbites and is kinda concave (like not a perfect V, a concave one). It's funny because a few hours after I sent you this message I found something about Homeoblock, an appliance that must be similar to ALF http://www.facialdevelopment.com/ it's a no brace and no surgery appliance for facial development and teeth alignment. Have you heard about it? So I think I won't get surgery and do it the natural way. My DNA knows better lol. On a front shot you can actually see that my face is slightly assymetrical, I have a hooded eye and one side of my jaw is curved inward. The teeth crowding is on the lower jaw actually, my upper teeth are not bad, not perfect though.

Homeoblock sucks. ALF and Damon are way better options. My friend uses Homeoblock and I don't like it. lol

Really? Well I saw some amazing cases done with homeoblock. But does ALF and damon system help develop the cheeks and stuff or it mainly makes the teeth tip outward? I think it can take up ot 4 years but IMO it's worth it. Or you and your friend doesn't like it because it just doesn't work? Oh and by the way I spoke to a new orthodontist and he told me that I actually had upper jaw deficiency too. That is why I have a bump on my nose. And because of that, I have a deep bite. SoI will need to get both jaw pulled. So maybe the face puller is actually a good thing for me? I played on my picture with photoshop (I do photo retouching for a living) and it really makes sense.

ALF and Damon remodel bone - they don't tip the teeth. lol I would say the best route for you you is ALFs on both upper and lower and the ALF can be modified to accept face-pulling equipment because the creator of ALF is now on the face-pulling bandwagon although his technique is stupid. But the point is you can get the pulling forces with an ALF, and nobody can see the ALF which is good because you will need to wear it for probably 5 years to complete the process. After the main remodeling is done with the ALF, you may need braces for 1 year but since you will be pretty much just straightening out teeth at that point, you can get some that are behind the teeth.

You see, with Damons or any equivalent bracket system that remodels bone, the upper can be expanded massively in 2-3 years. But the lower is a different animal and can take 5-7 years to remodel naturally. So you don't want to be in bracesso long because it is not good for your tooth enamel and you will damage yourself psychologically. But ALF is okay.

Ohhh I see. Well thank you for all your advices. One last question, can face pulling be done also on the lower jaw like fixing the rubber bands on the lower jaw appliance. It must help, no? Or can it like stretch the jaw angles and make them less square (less beautiful than squarer angles)?

If you get braces, they hook up internal rubber bands for that purpose. :)

Ohhh I get it. I was also really interrested in NCR but unfortunately nobody in Quebec does it. It helps releasing the pelvis? :P

Yes. It is one tool in the arsenal.

I think I'll prepare my passport for new york then :P. Now that I'm more aware of it, it's crazy how I noticed that the majority of people have a somewhat flat profile and/or over/deep-bite with flat cheeks. It's just crazy. I looked at photos from people in the 1800's and nobody looks like that. Something really needs to be done. Moms NEED to be aware of the consequences of not breastfeeding and giving soft food to children and stuff. People NEED to know that tooth extractions is the worst thing that can be done to the face and all the consequences that come with it. I talked about it on facebook and I was very surprised by the number of people who complained about all the poor craniofacial development symptoms they have.

Indeed! Once you are made aware of it, you see the damage that not breastfeeding, diet, and crappy ortho has done to so many people. It's funny because I put up this site thinking nobody would be interested in it but a few weirdos. I do no SEO, and the site is 1 page, but I get tons of people writing to me all the time. It's kind of cool, in a way. lol I may optimize the site to reach more people in the future.

Well yes you definitely should! After all, this craniofacial work actually helps cure a ton of problems that a high percentage of population have. I was not breastfed either, my mom had her canines removed and her face is slightly sunken, actually both my parents are like that. Recently my cousin said she would have her canines removed too (they're too high) and I said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO your face will become sunken (it is almost already, even though she's very pretty. However she has a tendency to depression and let's be honest she's a bitch, she lost a lot of friends because of her attitude, it might have a link?) I think she would be a perfect candidate for face pulling and jaw widening. Me, my dad and my sister all have ADHD and poor concentration. My dad has had 3 surgeries in his nose for blocked airways, sleep apea and snoring and he still has it. And now I see that it's all related to skull pressure and wrong development and people SHOULD know that. As you said, I also noticed that there's a correlation with bad craniofacial development and people beeing hateful and not nice. Maybe it is far fetched I don't know. Do you think me and my family should all start to pull our face together? haha that would be funny. I have my appointment on sept 11 with the orthodontist who does ALF and I want to talk to him about that, maybe it would correct the bump on my nose too. He seems really good. He actually said that I had midface deficiency and could be corrected with ALF or homeoblock (that you don't recommend).

Anyway, I want to thank you for making this website, it made me understand a lot of things about my problems that I wasn't really paying attention to, or trying to "accept me as I am".

Your cousin is pretty hot and her friend isn't so bad either!

"Mid-face deficiency" is precisely what face-pulling addresses.

It's true about people with bad faces oftentimes being not nice. lol I guess they're upset over something...

Yes she IS hot. Her friend is a cunt, the archetype of ugly personnality. One last question. Last year I got a surgery to fix my sunken chest (pectus excavatum) I have one metal bar that will be removed next summer http://pectusexcavatum.com.tr/eng/nuss3.jpg. But your friend from Orgoneproducts said that his ribcage expanded with face pulling. Do you think having a metal bar locking my ribcave would harm future growth? I can't wait to get it removed though. It's so annoying. I can't expand my chest at all and I always hurt myself when I move too much because the muscle pushes on the metal side.

Well fixing the chest issue is a big step in the right direction because all these things are related. Fixing your face will be easier because of it, and vice-versa. Once the metal bar is removed, you can probably do exercises in the gym like dumbbell pullovers and the pullover machine and over a few years this will accelerate your efforts with the face. There is also a very old bench press bench used to expand the chest from back in the strongman days:


Arnold used this when he was young and he had an impressive ribcage.

In the meantime, the metal bar won't be an issue.

Ok so thank you for all your advices. I read your blog and I was thinking, since it seems like people who do that are very rare, I could maybe share my experience on face pulling on your blog if you want? It could be nice to have more entries by other people. I'll begin the process this fall. Let me know if you're interrested!

I was checking your before/after photos and I noticed a few more things. It seems like there's less space between your nose and upper lip, your eyebrows are lifted and your mobile eyelid is more visible. Is it an illusion or is it really like that? Also I thought about something else for the face pulling, I was thinking about building an appliance that is attached to the neck instead of beeing a helmet. That way, I would be sure that no cranial bone is pushed inward while the maxilla is pulled. What do you think?

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