FAQs about orthognathic surgery.


I've been treating myself frequently with my own version of NCR for about 9 months now (after doing it with doctors for about 7 or 8 sessions). I've had continuous, incredible results. My energy is more focused, concentrated, I'm stronger and more masculine, my face and skull has gone from being totally fucked, horribly asymmetrical and practically deformed, to something that's obviously good enough to attract others I consider beautiful.

But at some point soon I'd like to see if I can switch over to face-pulling instead. I have referred several people to you already - well, they referred themselves to you but they were given that confidence through the balloon therapy. Anyway, I do not feel my endocrine system has benefited enough from "ncr", I'm not producing the testosterone and HGH that I should be considering how often I exercise and eat well.

My voice is high, my body is still very slim, etc. The good news is that my palate, I think, will not be undergoing any more significant change. I'm pretty sure it's where it needs to be.

If you could help me out, send me a little more information, or whatever... I'd appreciate the response. Thanks for doing what you're doing and contributing to the good cause.

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