FAQs about occlusion.

Hey my name is Uraz (pronounces ooraz)

I have not been able to pick up your name from the website so I don't know how to refer to you. But what you have been able to do seems unreal, in a good way. I hope you continue to benefit from it. I suffer from similar issues my self. I have a narrow palate and excess vertical growth. I had a consultation with Dr Belfor to get a homeoblock palate expander about a month ago. The consultation was in a hurry so I was unable to get x-rays and an Icat scan but based on the way my face looked he said that I would probably require a lefort 1 osteotomy to bring my maxilla forward before beginning the homeoblock treatment. He said that the maxilla could not be advanced more than 2mm without surgery. I obviously want to avoid the surgery if it is at all possible. After reading about the facial bones and facial development a little bit on the internet and finding your website I feel like there is hope. However I don't want to do it without the supervision of an orthodontic professional that understands what I am trying to achieve. But I am hesitant to bring this up with Dr Belfore because like most medical professionals he seems fairly set in his ways. Is their other orthodontic professionals thatyou know that would set me in the best possible direction. I saw that you worked with Dr Seligman. I looked at his website and it seems that he is a practitioner that specializes in the use of the damon system. This made me hesitant to contact him because I am afraid that like Dr Belfor he may be too influenced by the treatment methodology that he endorses to give me an objective assessment. Another constraint is that I am originally from turkey and I currently study in Virginia. Therefor I don't think I can wear braces that would require me to visit a Dr in New York everyweek. That is why I am trying to go with a removable palate expander that I can adjust my self. Would Dr Seligman be able to help out with that.

I also have some purely technical questions:

When the maxilla is brought forward is it due to the maxillary alveoulus growing forward or is it due to bone growth/remodeling at the sutures that connect the maxilla to the deeper scull bones like the sphenoid or the palatine? Or does theresult stem from both changes in the alveolus and the sutures?

The same question also applies to maxillary expansion. Does the alveolus expand or the does maxilla and palatine bones separate from mid suture ?

Does face pulling alter maxillary angle ?

Could a palate expansion be applied to the mandible and if so would the mandible itself widen or would the alveolus widen ? If the mandible as a whole widens, how is this possible considering that it has no sutures ?

Thank you very much for sharing your journey with the world. I hope to hear from you soon.

http://www.facialdevelopment.com/ this is Dr Belfor's website in case you are not familiar with his work.

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