FAQs about a nightguard.

Hi man!

I'm a young man from Sweden.

We truly live in a degenerate world, with our modern diet and living, we don't develop to our full potential. I have fallen victim to this greatly. I have an underbite, a narrow upper palate, a retrusive maxilla and adverse downward growth of my maxilla and mandible.

Checked out you face-pulling technique. From what I gather it seems to work great. The results on you and the other guy shown on your website are stunning.

I constructed a helmet similar to the one you showed today and have decided to go down this road. I pulled lightly for about 10 minutes today.

I'm just wondering what kind of pressure the archwire of my braces will sustain, is there a risk of it breaking? (This is probably a stupid question.)

Also, I noticed that the guy you showcased, (the one besides yourself), had a great decrease in his nasolabial angle post-treatment ( his nostrils don't show as much).I hope this will happen to me, since it would improve my appearance greatly, but, I don't understand how it works, how can the advancement of the maxilla close the nasolabial angle?

Furthermore, do you have any other before-and-after pictures from this particular treatment?

You are a brave pioneer and I want to walk in your footsteps!

Thanks! It is a good idea to think of it this way: pulling the face and doing NCR will allow your face and skull to move and an optimal position.

Ugly is never optimal!

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