FAQs about neuromuscular dentistry.


I recently discovered your website and listened to your interview on Rumour Mill News. I'm very impressed with your amazing work! If possible I would love to have your help/advice in how to help fix my bite . . .

I just finished up three years of invisalign on my upper teeth and traditional braces on my lower, along with wisdom tooth extraction :-( I was slated to have orthognathic surgery to correct a 4mm underbite, but opted out once I started to educate myself. Now I have a nice looking dental arch on my upper teeth (though logically my maxilla must still be underdeveloped I assume). My lower bite doesn't meet my upper correctly on the left side due to inadequate mandible width. Along with this I also have TMJ dysfunction which has brought along with it mild tinnitus and impaired ability to equalize my ears when scuba diving. These issues are somewhat more pronounced in the left side of my face due to the bite asymmetry. Despite these issues I do have a fairly wide face with pronounced cheekbones, though my eyesight is off by -1 diopeter so perhaps there is still room for improvement there as well? My main goals are to correct my TMJ and underbite as much as I can, though, like you said, an underbite is harder to fix. I can send photos too if that helps explain things.

Also, once you fix things using the face pulling/homeoblock method, is there still a need for retainers? I would think not since you're widening the bones. . . Wearing those the rest of my life sounds beyond ridiculous.

If you have the time I would really like to hear your recommendations. I live in Vancouver, BC, and can't seem to find an NCR practitioner, nor anyone who has much experience with the homeoblock device. There are a few here who use the DNA device but I haven't had any consults yet. I'm beginning to accept that I'll have to travel to find people who really know what they're doing, but if possible I'd prefer to stay local.

Thanks for your time :)

Photos naturally help, as do xrays or CATs...

My ortho made a retainer for me that is ALSO an anti-grinding nightguard that ALSO helps to neuromuscularly influence the jaws to come forward. So I don't look at them as retainers, but rather as something else. :)

Vancouver is gorgeous, probably the most empathetic orthos are in Cali. Sounds like you got a lot of work done, and just need pulling and NCR and probably a nightguard similar to mine? NCR has its' home-base in Cali.

Thanks for getting back to me, and glad to hear how much you like Van :)

Unfortunately I don't have access to my xrays at the moment, but I did take some profile shots on my phone, and one of my bite. It's not the best photo in the world, but you can see how the left side is off. Also, I really need to remineralize my enamel :-/ If I bite down on a ruler it slants downwards to the right rather than being flat, so something isn't right with all that either . . . Not sure about needing the night guard though as I don't have the grinding issue. I did have the jaw forwarding procedure suggested to me before, but I'm a bit confused about how the bite matches up after. If I push my jaw a bit forward my back molars feel like they're not connecting properly. The doctor who suggested it also told me that my nervous system was in "safe mode" because of the TMJ. Also not quite sure what that meant.

Good news is that I may have actually found an NCR practitioner here! I missed the ncrdoctors.com site before. Hopefully it's an active listing . . .

Let me know if you still need xrays. I suppose I could try to get them from my ortho and tell her I need it for a TMJ treatment?

Based on what I see, I would suggest sticking with NCR and no over-complicating things. You have prominent cheek bones, a working occlusion (bite) and a decent archform. The issue is that your upper palate is canted, and this is related to your skull. So I think going with NCR for at least 2 years is necessary before you would need to start thinking about other stuff.

Thanks! The NCR practitioner here will be starting her work on Oct, so I've got a bit of a wait to start, but I'm looking forward to it.

One last question from your radio interview, do you have more information about how sugar tightens the connective tissue and causes structural issues, and how to undo the damage if it's anything other than "don't eat sugar". I'm studying holistic nutrition right now and that's something vital which I've never come across before.

Hadn't heard about sugar tightening the connective tissues. MSM is probably the best for the connective tissues in high dosages.

Okay, I thought the sugar & connective tissue connection was mentioned in the interview I'd listened too with Rumour Mill News. I was going to re-listen but haven't had the time yet. Oh well, I've been taking MSM off and on for awhile, so I'll be more vigilant about that. Thanks for your advice!

Hello there I’ve been reading your blog and found it really interesting. I live in Los Angeles and I’m setting up visits to Dr. Howell for NCR and also looking into providers of the homeoblock device. I have a lot of questions but I’ll try to limit them to a few for the sake saving time. I was born with plagiocephaly (head misshapen from intrauterine constriction, or my twin brother) which has caused me to have great facial asymmetry. Do you know if this NCR or Homeoblock is effective for treating this condition? In pictures my left side looks very underdeveloped and pushed further back than my right side. It causes me a huge amount of jaw pain due to the resulting right-cant of my jaw. Also, will the homeoblock change my nose? it has an s-shape nasal deformity which is consistent with my maxillary issues.

I can remember feeling like half of my face was ‘missing’ since I was a child. I have attached photos for your reference.


Thank you so much for your speedy response.

Can you elaborate on the homeoblock? I wanted to try it because I have a 'cant' and uneven jaw line from the left side of my face being "pulled back." I can feel the roof of my mouth is very uneven. Will NCR fix my uneven jaw? it's really a complex problem because I should mention that while the left side of my face is pulled back, the right side of the back of my head is also too convex. It's a "diamond" shape from the top looking down.

I know NCR can move the joints of the skull.. the actual bones of my skull have grown oddly from my craniosynostosis.

I'll attach pictures. So what im asking is, Can NCR change the shape of the bone itself? or simply move the bone from the joint?


Did I mention how awesome you are for taking the time to answer my questions?

I have chronic pain and pressure along the ridges where I can feel the sutures of my skull. I can ease the pain sometimes by applying very localized pressure with my fingers. I think i'd be a rapid responder with NCR.

Thanks for your input about the homeoblock device, I may even cancel my appointment for their consultation. I'd like to find Dr's willing to use me for research into this matter, especially for mild congenital cases like mine that go otherwise unknown or just completely uncared for. I do have crowded teeth but I'm sure the appliance used in face pulling will help to expand my constricted palate. I have the S-shaped septal deformity which is another signifier of a collapsed palate.

I'm such a textbook case..scoliosis..septal deformity..ear height discrepancy, generalized pain...

I need some relief! It is wonderful to talk to someone who can relate to my concerns. Thanks for the compliment, wait till you see my NCR series;)

Can you send me any other links to your work on this? I'm very interested to learn as much as I can. Do you have before and afters of your results?

Thanks again,

It is my pleasure to share my journey. I also suffered a ruptured appendix last week and nearly died, so I have a lot of free time as I am not able to go to the gym or do martial arts or anything. I've got a tube sticking out of me for the next 7 days - very attractive! lol

I think the best thing for you is the ALF on upper and lower due to the congenital factors at play. I would get consultations for that. Combine that with NCR for starters.

Before-and-afters are on the website:


I'm very sorry to hear that, I hope you're recovered and feeling well soon. Though I admit, the selfish part of me is delighted to catch you bedridden and willing to answer all of my questions!(evil laughter). I'll have to look into ALF, I'm hoping my insurance Will consider covering this, otherwise I was going to set up an appointment at UCLAs craniofacial unit to look into surgery. Thanks again for all of you help.


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