FAQs about the nasolabial region.


I just finished reading your entire website, and all I can say is thank you so much! It has so much useful information , and I have spent weeks searching for an alternative to surgery; so you sharing this information I'm sure has helped so many people. I had a quick question, and wasn't sure if you would know anything about it; but already you seem to know much more than my orth.&dentist so I figured it was worth a try. I'm 23 years old, and only in the past 4 months I noticed that I had somewhat of a "slanted/uneven" look to my face in pictures. When I went to a new dentist about 2 weeks ago , it was confirmed that I had a condition called Condylar Hyperplasia. Apparently, my condyle bone is uneven so my chin is not directly in the center of my face like most people have, but is more toward the side of my face that is uneven. I'm not sure if you are aware of this condition, if you google it you can see pictures and honestly will probably laugh. I have no idea why this is just now happening, I was told most people who have this notice at a much younger age; so I literally woke up one day looked uneven. It's not just the "uneven chin/jaw" it's that one side of my face looks more "full" or normal than the other side. The thing is unless I point it out, most people do not even notice so I know it is very slight; but to me it's obvious and was told I had to get orthoganthic surgery. It's much worse than normal jaw surgery and not only that but I have to get braces put back on again and then the surgery so I mean the process alone can take more than a year. I was just wondering if you think that I would benefit from using the face pulling method from your website. It says at the top people with TMJ, jaw pain, cluster headaches or anything like that, but then again it could happen because I feel like this is a sudden thing. The photo from your website of the guy from underneath your results is similar to what I think I look like as far as overall facial symmetry. It's like that but the my chin more to one side, and more uneven on one side of my face. Anyways, if you do think it would help because I think it makes perfect since, but wasn't sure about people with an uneven jaw, if you could use it for longer than 30 minutes a day or if there would be risks involved. Sorry to write so much I just wanted to see what you thought and if you could use it longer also. Thank you so much for your website, and would love any additional information :-)

Thanks again!

Thanks for writing. Face-pulling and NCR is perfect for your situation, just don't exceed 30 minutes a day for face-pulling.

The skull and face, has a certain "plasticity" due to the fact it is made up of so many bones moving relative to one another. Clearly, it must possess these properties due to the fact that "suddenly" you develop these problems. ;)

So why use surgery, which is the equivalent of using tools on a stone sculpture? Nothing good can come of this.

Thank you so much! I'm going in to my the retainer tomorrow and am starting after that. I just have one more question, after you face goes back over time, do you have to keep doing it? I didn't know if after a year your face was "normal" again if you should still keep using it every night. Thanks again!

I'm really sorry to bother you again, but I just realized I'm an idiot and must have skipped over the "NCR" part of your article the first time haha. I just spoke to this guy Dr. Howell's assistant who is the creator of NCR. Of course she told me that I would have to have so many treatments, and would cost around $1,400 (but that was just an estimate.) Now I'm just confused on how many I would need, if it would even work with just the face pulling technique; now I'm stressing out about the whole drew berrymoore face lol. I've been doing the face pulling for only 3 days, and didn't know if I should stop and get NCR first or if I definatley need it. I feel really bad I know your getting sick of me emailing you about my face, I feel really bad. I just don't want to mess up my face even more than it is now, so I figured I would just ask all of this now.Or if you think the Dr. you mentioned from the website or anyone else that may know, so I could stop bugging you about this. Thanks again for all of your help, it's pretty much impossible to find a doctor on this.

You can bug me all you want. :)

You don't need to do NCR to pull your face, but the more things you can do, the faster and easier your progress.

Ok thank you so much! I just wasn't sure if the results would be the same or not, thanks again!

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