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Hi there

I found the information on your website very interesting. Most people are not aware that bone growth can be manipulated or that our skeleton constantly undergoes the process of bone resorption and reformation, a process which maintains healthy bone and shapes and sculptures the skeleton. Most people are oblivious to the notion that our bones can change shape.

Your face-pulling technique to achieve the desired bone changes is fascinating. I have a very serious problem of a different nature however which may not be able to have the same science applied to it, but i would like to know what you think.

To put it simply my face is anything but symmetrical. My left side is lower than my right side. I did not used to be like this. I used to have a normal face well within the normal boundaries of assymetry. What i did have however was a slightly squint lower jaw where the left side was slightly lower than the right. I never noticed this for years - i only noticed during my third year at university when i was 20. I was feeling my jaw and felt the discrepancy. I think this cameabout through my habit of grinding my teeth in awkward positions during the years, causing compression on my left side. However i was 100% healthy and should have let it go and accept it as how i was made. But i could not let it go and my curious nature kept plugging away, wondering why i was like this. I had no definite answer which meant i continued to question. Then one day i 'experimented' and bit down on my front teeth - at a slight angle, not quite straight. I bit too hard because i got a sudden pain surging through the muscles just below my lower left jaw and when i looked in the mirror i could see a definite movement in the positioning of my lower jaw - the squint, unevenness had got worse. This caused meto freak out and a lot of pain. I was only playing around and i did what i did because i did not think that things like this could happen to a person.

I spent that summer (2010) trying to get myself fixed. I saw many dentists and doctors who all said that there was nothing wrong with me. While the squint was large, it was not noticeable to the average person when not knowing what to look for. The squint kept getting worse and worse and worse. I had great tightness in my upper jaw and pain in my lower left but i it was manageable. The 'shredded' feeling of the neck muscles would settle and disappear. My condition did not stop me from doing anything (except turning my head to the right often hurt and would re-ignite the pain in the muscles below my lower left jaw).

My search for a cure continued when i returned to university and eventually i was recommended to a dentist by a patient that had a similar condition to me. I saw the guy and he could see what was wrong with me straight away and subscribed to the idea of biologically-compatible 'lightwire' forces that you described. He said that my lower jaw was squint because my upper jaw was squint, explaining that the plane of the upper jaw is the determinant for alignment in the rest of the body. He pointed out that my right cheekbone was shallower and more prominent than my left. I was aware of this shaping of my cheekbones before my incident and i now know that this was due to the small squint i had always had. So i started a treatment course of dental orthopaedics to correct my jaw alignment using Damon braces and elastics in December 2010. Initially i was really happy because the tension in my upper jaw lessened greatly and the tension in my right masseter muscle(which was unbearable at times) completely disappeared.

However i now sit here 13 months on (Jan 2012) typing this email to you. The squint in my jaw has steadily got worse. My upper jaw has got more squint. I actually think that the position of my lower jaw is influencing the level of my upper jaw. My cheekbones have become more un-level. It is even affecting my eye-level. I used to have perfectly level eyes which i now do not have as the left is lower than the right.

I am in a really bad place just now. I also have great tension in my neck and chest because of the positioning of my jaws and it is worsening at a quick rate. I was wondering whether it is possible to reverse this process. My upper jaw is un-level which means that my head is making unfavourable accommodations. The technique that you described pulls the face forward, i need my face put back on a straight plane. I'm losing faith in the possibility of ever being fixed.

Yours faithfully

Do you have photos, xrays, CATs, etc. that you could share?

I don't have any x-rays or CAT scans, but here are some photos:

Pic 1 shows my face

Pic 2 shows a close up of my maxilla

Pic 3 shows my maxilla in context

Pic 4 shows a close up of my chin

I think that the mandible is being pulled down on the left side by my neck muscles, which is causing my maxilla to become more un-level. The treatment i have been receiving so far has not improved anything.

I see what you are talking about, but before I address this let me point out that you have excellent facial symmetry upwards from your maxilla. Nobody could ever say you have an asymmetrical face from looking at you!

There are distortions from the maxilla on down, which is what is bothering you. The Damons clearly gave you good arches and straight teeth so there is no problem there.

Your problem is of the same nature as mine, except my situation is far worse because the distortion extends to my entire face. Yours is localized. You can see the problem manifest because your upper teeth are not "level." This is why your ortho has bands on that side. Well it correct it? Probably not. These sorts of issues are coming from the skull itself. See the attached CAT of my skull...

What happens is your skull not only changes position along the sutures, but actually remodels the individual bones itself based on the movements of your mind. This is a lot to go into, so let me leave it at that. lol

At the time you were undergoing this problem, were you using your mind doing things you hate, like studying or otherwise going against your true nature? Almost all of us are guilty of doing this in today's society, which is why these problems are so common.

I don't think the distortions are localised, because as you say the bones are remodelling. When my 'biting' incident happened, i had just done year-end exams for my penultimate year at university, but i think the changes are more to do with my jaw being made more squint. I was told the muscles in my lower neck spasmed which pulled my mandible down on my left side. It is only since then that my maxilla has become un-level (at least to the degree that it is now). And a result of this is that the bones in the rest of my head are making changes. And it is getting worse at an alarming rate. So can nothing be done to level the smile as you talk about on your website?

I would do face-pulling and NCR and at the same time, while staying conscious of all the ways in which you may overuse certain aspects of your mind, and repress feelings, etc. It is no coincidence that the neck spasm occurred while studying for year-end exams. Most of what we do in life is done because we have to do it, or we are guilted into doing it, or feel obligated to do it... when we do these things against our natural will, it is a violation of whom we really are, and the price that is paid for such violations can range from depression to structural distortions to cancer, etc.

I won't be able to try NCR as i cannot find anyone in the UK who practices. Any progress on the modification to add a spiralling-vector to the pull you talk about?

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