FAQs about the maxilla.

Thank you so much for your website and information. It took 2 readings for me to absorb all that you have to say. Is it true that only 30% can benefit from this? I have had many of the ugly procedures you describe and have had to sleep with a mouthguard my entire life due to grinding my jaw. I use the cheap football mold-in-yer-mouth plastic ones, they seem to work better than the expensive hard plastic appliances. Only recently have I come to the conclusion that it is suppressed rage (you name the abuse, I had it as a child). Looking at what the Polish girl did, perhaps I could actually make one myself. I am an off-and-on member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and follow his dietary principles. As soon as I'm done writing this I have to go feed my dairy goats that I have for raw milk. They're giving me a lot of trouble right now, but I really thrive on the raw goat milk, so onward to goat wrestling I go. The German websites are somewhat confusing, and I would love to find out where I could get an appliance made that is closeby here in Ohio. I just found an agreeable biological dentist in Columbus, so I am considering asking him for help. I really want to try this, nothing else has worked for my TMJ, yet, though Bowen therapy has given me some remarkable relief in many areas so far. I would like to do this on as small a budget as I can, been unemployed for 6 years.

Your before and after pictures are great!

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