FAQs about the mandible.

Hi I've seen your site. I also had a 4 on the floor orthodontic treatment and my mandible was taken back and down crushing it. In 2 years my face narrowed ( front view) in the lower part. I changed orthodontist and put biobloc which pull the face forward but my lower jaw remained still narrow. I'm from Romania. If you want I can send you some pictures to make an ideea. Do you think I can widden back my face by using your technique? Biobloc already took it back. How much can it be pulled forward?

Thank you!

I dated a Romanian dentist and I can say that in Romania their orthodontic treatments are from the dark ages. lol

Sure, send me pics.

Can u help me widden back my face, or can u give me some usefull piece of advice on how to do this? The problem was that the orthodontist pulled my mandible back and down, which made it to adapt (being essentially crushed by the pressure) and thus became smaller. The other problem was I was quite good looking :) so the "treatment" made a big difference. If u know any useful information and can share it with me, I would be very glad! Thank you!

I was just wondering if you could tell me what kinds of treatments "patient zero" underwent? did he only do face pulling?

Is it enough to just do homeoblock and face pulling to achieve similar results with more prominent cheeks and a wider palate/jaw etc. or do you need to do NCR aswell?

Thank you for showing your amazing results and for your info!

Well, there is no doubt that patient zero did a tremendous amount of NCR, however I didn't do very much relative to him. I don't believe you need NCR to be successful, although it does help and make things go faster. However, don't let lack of access to NCR prevent you from trying it, as you will still get results. -P

OK, thank you. I've found a dentist in my area who does treatment with the homeoblock appliance. So if I start face pulling as well, he could follow my progress. But you stated on your page that only 30% of people are candidates for this treatment. How do you know if it's for you or not? Only by asking a dentist?

I wrote that only because the dentist who came up with it wanted me to. I disagree with him. It is always good if you can find an orthodontist who thinks outside of the box and ask him his opinion.

Plato, just one more question if you don't mind. Is it true that Dr. Belfor agreed to create the helmet device for one of you guys or are familiar with it? I think my dentist is more likely to cooperate with me if he knew that Dr. Belfor was OK with it.

Plato, just noticed that you say on your website that face pulling doesn't work on genuine overbites. I had a genuine overbite at the age of 8. Then I wore headgear and my maxilla was jammed back and eventually my upper and lower jaw did fit, like they do today. Does this mean face pulling won't work for me?

Are you sure you had a genuine overbite?

I looked up the definition of overbite. It appears that what I had was defined as an overjet. A horizontal protrusion of the upper teeth in front of the lower teeth. It was an 8 mm overjet.
Does that mean I quallify for face pulling?

Only a dental professional can determine what you qualify for. I am not a dental professional and cannot give medical advice. I am not trying to be a dick, I'm sure you can understand that even if I was dental professional, I do not have xrays, I cannot look at your mouth in an email... the website is up there to show people a different paradigm, and to inspire them to investigate it on their own.

I would point out that an overjet is not the same thing as an overbite, however. ;)

Thanks. Yes ofcourse I understand that you're not a dentist and only sharing your experience etc. OK, so let's say generally speaking then (not asking for individual advice here), when people have an overjet one would asume that pulling the maxilla forward would increase the overjet, right? But what I'm getting from your webpage is, unless you have an overBITE the lower jaw will follow when the maxilla is pulled out.:)

BTW, Do you happen to know of any method (non-surgical) to decrease the height of the upper dental arch? My maxilla has grown too much downwards (too much bone and gum over the upper teeth), but I'm not sure if palatal expansion or face pulling can do anything about that.

Do you mean that when you smile there is a lot of gum exposed?

Yes. What I also found was that the form of the mandible is different in vertical growers. But what you mean to say on your web page is that it will rotate forward and change shape to fit the maxilla when the maxilla is pulled upwards?

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