FAQs about jaw surgery.


Thanks for your website about face pulling. I'm into Weston Price as well, and ever since I discovered him a few years ago, I've been consious of my lack of facial development, and jaw that's crammed back into an overbite simply because of the way my face fits together from less than ideal diet growing up. It's easy for me to jut my jaw out, but then it doesn't fit with the rest of my teeth that way so it's forced back into place whenever I eat, etc.

I've been through the braces thing years ago, and actually avoided the 4 molars one orthodontist wanted to pull and instead had a single lower front tooth pulled. Not so bad considering. My smile could still use some widening, no doubt, as when they put the posts on, they seemed to ignore my first molars.... I was a kid, so what did I know? I have a 6 tooth smile but can't afford more than that at the time being. I can afford to get a hockey helmet and at least do something constructive. I still have my old retainer, which basically fits, and I could use it to do your technique and at least do something. It's set up right.

I have a moderate to bad overbite from pretty bad bruxism, and my jaw feels more relaxed when it's not crammed back behind my front teeth! I recently hurt my jaw wearing a bruxism devise that I wore to save my teeth as they are starting to get really sensitive. Every since that event, I'm starting to develop jaw pain in the last few months, which is what got me really seeing that research was more than just an issue of how I look, but a definite health thing. Too bad our "society" is backwards and barbaric, eh?

I see the technique is relatively slow and as long as monitered weekly, it's not like I'm going to screw myself up overnight or something. I mean I think I'll risk the sudden suicidal tendencies thing. I'm not exactly tying the other end of these paperclips to 2 ton pickup truck.

But as the maxilla moves forward and the jaw is allowed to follow, I don't get how the overbite can disappear without the teeth loosing their proper mesh and ending up all peak to peak, so to speak? Any insight on this? Or does it sort of adjust itself out? I mean I've ground my teeth down and that's a lot of my overbite right there because there's no tooth material there to fill in the gaps and allow a more forward jaw. As the teetch ground down, they ground my lower jaw back into place, or so it looks to me. I've had bruxism for years and it's beginning to wear on me more recently with a higher stress life taking care of a my small son and wife.

Thanks in advance for your time, and of course for your interesting and humorous website.

Ben, each case is different, but I had a similar situation. In my case, I wore rubber bands on my braces in a zig-zag fashion to wire my mouth shut all day except for meals. As a result, the space between the teeth were closed because the palatal bones were pulled down.

So I went to the orthodontist today. Actually my wife called to a few first to see who would be ok with using an active plate appliance to widen a dental arch under appropriate circumstances. Receptionist said "yes no prob", Doc said no way. I said, no deal. They were called "Unique Orthodontics", but oh well I guess not.

After some research I've found I'd like to do a Schwarz active plate. Do says, no go, it won't work on me, I'm too old at 32 to have it done, blah blah. He advised me that my bones won't move, blah blah. He seemed alarmed by me before he came into the room. They have their program and that's that.

I'd do a homeoblock if I could afford it, but money is limited. The Doc said he'd do damon braces. I turned him down. I don't have the money, I play the flute, where braces would inconvenience my playing in the extreme, and after having braces the last time, I ended up with 3 root canals in the teeth they put bands on. No thank-you for that experience again.

Any advice on finding an orthodontist who will get me what I want? This last clinic was ritzy and state of the art. I think I might try the poor small town clinics where they might not give a damn and just give me what I am asking for.

My other thought is to try to get my dentist to just make a mould of my mouth and then order an appliance myself for $150 from a retainer lab myself or something. I don't know if any labs would go for that.

My other thought is to find a dentist who does homeoblock and see how much cheaper the schwarz option would be. I see there are none in my area but I could drive to see them once or twice. Do you think I'll have any luck with any of those options?

If you don't have time to respond, that's cool. It's just hard to find someone trying to do the same thing after reading Weston Price. It sort of gets in your craw and won't get out until you've made some changes.

Lots of orthos believe you are too old but it is bullshit. I am almost 41 and Kevin is 47. Homeoblock is a waste of money. Don't do it. If you email that German company on my website, they can do whatever you want. Cheap, too! Just get molds made at your local dentist.

Thanks for your help. I just emailed the German lab on that website.

I used Babblefish to do a translation so I was a bit more informed before writing.

I also found a website, http://customnightguard.com/index.html who's attitude I liked, "screw your dentist, we'll take care of you directly for cheap". I'm going to see if they could just send me the impression kits and then make the molds for me.

After dealing with the Orthodontist recently, I'm all the more down with the idea of doing this whole thing without any help from the dental establishment. I delivered my son at home and we feed him a paleo diet. He's as healthy as a race horse. So I might as well stick another accomplishment under my belt and take charge of my facial bone structure as well. My wife needs this too. She's got jaw and facial pain, and so I think we'll both be doing this, including the face pulling.

Just taking my fingers and putting them behind my teeth and pulling for a minute or so gives some type of hormonal release. It's a strange rush. I can't wait to get things together and get started.

Thanks again for your website and help. I'll let you know how things turn out.

That's a great site!

It is a great site. Unfortunately I found they don't do molds, just make the night guards right off the impressions I guess.

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