FAQs about facial aesthetics.

This is absolutely fucking incredible.

Thank you so much for sharing.

I heard your interview on Rumor Mill News and really, really love to talk to you about face pulling. I'm extremely curious and motivated to do this. I only have two concerns: the first one is that I've heard you and P talk about the procedure returning your skull back to its 'natural' position––but is the 'natural' position always necessarily the best position? That is, could it be that the healthiest alignment of the skull doesn't necessarily conform to prevailing conceptions of beauty? Related to this is the concept of height, and what the 'ideal' height is. I'm already 6'2.5" and do some modeling part-time. I am happy with my height and don't want to get any taller, because then I'll be too tall to model (they don't book men over 6'3" basically; runway caps out at 6'3" too). So, does height growth necessarily have to follow from this procedure? Can I opt to pursue a route where face pulling only helps define the cheekbones more prominently? This opens up the interesting question, is there an objective height that homo sapien men are naturally supposed to be? What is that height? Or does that height vary for people according to their genetic potential? If so, then what if someone's genetic potential is to be 7'6"? Wouldn't we want to stop well short of reaching that, since someone that tall be horribly adapted to an environment where the average height for all persons is somewhere in the range of 5'4" - 5'6"? I'm pretty confused.

Lastly, both you and P mention in your interview that you had teeth pulled at some point. Does face pulling account for this fact? That is, does it mitigate all of the damage yielded by teeth extractions for facial structure? Does it account for the collapsed face resultant from teeth extractions and modify skull alignment in response to those extractions, after being allowed to move again as a result of the pulling? The interesting thing in my case is that I have a very slight underbite, so my thought process was that helping the maxilla ease forward would then correct the bite (whole face, actually) and make the cheekbones more prominent. I would be grateful if you could clarify this.

My basic understanding from what I've read is that face pulling gets the bones 'going again', so to speak. It lets them know it's okay to make adjustments to maximize health and beauty. But what if those adjustments mean one must grow 6" inches to become 7' tall? I definitely don't want that––from a longevity standpoint, I think actually the ideal height is something like 6' tall. So all this gets very confusing.

Could you please help me learn more about this and figure this out? I really want to move forward with this but am trying to learn as much as possible first.

Maybe when we said "natural" we should have said "optimal" because that is the best position. Nature tends to shoot for the optimal the particular genes allow for.

Height growth doesn't have to follow, but is probably inevitable when combined with NCR. K and I got 1-2" inches taller each. It depends on your spine. If you have near perfect posture already and a perfect spine, then you may not grow.

There is no height homo sapiens are supposed to be. It's all genetics. Yes, it you are 7'6" you will have a lot of trouble in the modern world. But the most someone can change their height is 1-2" pretty much. You won't gain 12"!

Face pulling can mitigate a lot of damage, yes. In your case with a slight underbite, it will go away as face comes forward. Have you ever seen a chiropractor or had your spine x-rayed? Are all your neck vertebrae in alignment?

Complete instructions for the helmet are on the site. The parts are cheap and easy to get. Take your time, don't rush, read my site several times and all will become clear. Everything you need to know is on there. I have had 2 women so farbuild the entire setup themselves (you can see it on the site). If 2 women can do this and get it right, you can too. You go to Princeton! Yes? :)

P, last question for now. Could you possibly connect me with that girl who retrofitted her plastic retainer with metal hooks? That's what I have. How do I do that? I couldn't find instructions on the site.

I know you aren't getting paid for any of this, so I'm very grateful to you.

Is this a retainer or a mouthguard? Do you have a picture of it?

It's a retainer from when I had braces. It's transparent...

Oh that's great. That girl lives in Poland and had her ortho install metal hooks into a gelatin retainer.

You probably have a hard Hawley retainer. I don't have an easy answer on how to modify it by yourself, but I am confident you will come up with a way.

Hey Plato,

How are you doing? I hope you're doing well. Thanks so much for your awesome site about face pulling. I am beginning NCR with Dr. Howell next month and starting the face pulling two series later, as he recommends.

I can't thank you enough for introducing me to these modalities.

I was wondering if you had any profile before and afters from either you or "patient zero" from the face pulling? Your before-and-afters are really impressive. I was just wondering if you had any lateral views. I'm copying K just in case he has any ideas.

I was wondering about how to level the smile. you said you would update the face pulling site with information about that at the very bottom.

"In the next few months, I will update this site to explain how to "level" a smile the correct way and how smiles that are not level are reflective of what Reich called a "schizoid" character type, in addition to blocking access to one's karmic habit energies."

Will NCR and face pulling and a palate expanding appliance like the homeoblock be enough for the smile symmetry?

I just started pulling with a helmet designed for me by Dr. Howell.

He was mentioning how you go for twenty minutes at a time but I can only go 7-8 before going sympathetic. He muscle tested, etc.

I was wondering if this time allotment goes up overtime? Does the nervous system adapt overtime allowing us to pull for increasingly longer periods of time? According to Dr. Howell it will always be 7-8 minutes but I wanted to get your opinion too.

Also, on your site you mention symmetry a lot, but i was wondering does face pulling specifically address symmetry or does it just address bringing the maxilla/face forward?

Thanks for showing me this world.

I would suspect it could go up over time because the body is always adapting. Looking back on my own experience, it does not seem that there was a fixed time before my system went into sympathetic mode.

But I could be wrong.

I never went over 30 minutes, but a few times I know I pushed it into sympathetic mode. Nothing crazy, but I definitely crossed the line. So if the latest rule is to go for 20 minutes, I am sure he is correct, and if 7-8 minutes is all you can handle, then it is no problem because it is not pulling time that really matters, but rather results. I don't think your progress will be any slower going for 7-8 minutes, quite frankly.

Everything is related, so pulling does help with symmetry because it helps the face and skull to unwind. The human body tends to distort and un-distort via spiralling forces. Both NCR and face-pulling act like triggering a "jack-in-the-box" and then the body does its' thing.

That's extremely helpful, thanks so much. Do you have any suggestions on how to 'know' when the body has gone sympathetic? i'm still kind of re-inhabiting my body during this healing process, and i suspect I'm not as sensitive as you or Dr. Howell yet.

Also, what if i did 7-8 minutes twice a day, morning and night? i'm wondering if that will work.

I wanted to ask how the maxilla 'knows' how to respond to the lightwire forces from an expansion device like a Schwartz retainer or the Homeoblock. How does it know how to expand? I want a 10-tooth smile and I see the back teeth beginning to emerge more when I smile, so that's great, but what's stopping the teeth from opening up in weird ways in response to the light forces I'm pushing the arches out with?

Also, I've realized this whole time i haven't really thought about the mandible and the lower teeth. The upper Schwartz retainer doesn't really address the lower; does the Homeoblock address them? Do they typically need to be expanded? Does it matter as much if one has had teeth pulled in the bottom as opposed to in the top? I know getting teeth pulled in the top can be aesthetically catastrophic, but what about in the bottom? Is it as bad?


I'm in a world of pain due to malocclusion and an underdeveloped lower jaw. I haven't gone through any orthodontic procedure and in my home country (Sweden) there are no orthodontists who use any of the palatal expansion appliences (Dna, homeoblock or ALF). I've therefore decided to try face pulling. I Read in someones blog that they ordered a face pulling device and I was wondering if you or anyone you know of, make these. I do not have bracers and am therefore unable to use the device listed on you webpage.

Thank you very much for an enlightening webpage. I appreciate the information.

Best regards

Here are two resources for removable orthodontics, both located in Germany and Germans (my ancestors) are the masters of engineering and craftsmanship:



Now before you say "But I don't live in Germany" I'll say "Contact them anyway." Trust me, contact them no matter what chatter is in your head. We limit ourselves all the time with negative thoughts. You have nothing to lose by going forward despite the defeatist chatter. If I had to do it all again, I would go with removable plates instead braces. But I also had the thought "But I don't live in Germany." Where there's a will, there's a way!

This is an inexpensive way to not only acquire a device with which to pull your face, but you can have them work on your problem at the same time. You can mail them molds and they will mail you back appliances cheaply. No need to leave Sweden.

Plato, danke schön!

It's hard for me to express my gratitude for your quick reply and also for the resources on you web page, in just an email. The luxury of having the internet is that it can provide one with helpful information, if one finds the right one. Reading about your one man strugggle (i too have a rotated hip), gave me new strength.

I belive that a person knows when somehing's wrong with his body and mind and I for one will not surrender without a fight. I'll take your advice and contact them.

Once again thank you, for what may be my life as a whole and productive person.

Best regards

Yes, it is very hard to deal with these sorts of misfortunes because they ruin your life just like somebody in a wheelchair had their life ruined, but nobody can see it, so you don't get the empathy. lol

Thank you for your response and I agree! Though, I'm happy that I'm not in a wheelchair *knock on wood* lol.

Also, sorry for my broken English. I hope it's tolerable.

I don't know if it's a coincidence or if this in fact is a growing movement. There seems to be quite a few people around who are doing these kinds of experiments on themselves.

I'm generally not concerned with politics but I'm beginning to feel that public awareness needs to be raised. Most people are skeptic or affraid, and that's ok. But for those like us, who seek methods and answers, I feel that there's a need for information. I've ordered a jaw shaper from zie Germans and will document my progress. Hopefully I'll have something to show for in a year.

Thank you for providing me with the information. Is it ok with you of I, when I get my blog up and running, link to either the face pulling or the orgone site? As a way of saying thanks and showing people what's possible (I won't paraphrase or write anything that's not on the sites).

Also. I have one final question. What do you think about performing NCR on oneself? There is not one single practitioner in Sweden or even Europe (I think) and it's impossible for me to find the money and time to travel all the way to the US. I'm not asking for advice on how to do it, I'm simply asking if you think that it might be possible. Since you have experienced the method first hand.

Best regards,


Found your site very eye opening!! I'lll keep it short I have a few questions.

Can I do face pulling without doing NCR?

Why should I contact the German retainer makers - can they make the retainer I need?

Can I use a wire wrapped around my plastic retainer like in the picture you showed?

I'm looking at the Homeblock appliance to expand the dental arch?

Do you know of it or would you recommed Damon braces in conjuntion with face pulling or not at all?

Thanks a bunch, I'm looking into contacting some orthodontists to get a retainer made and get this going.


I found a Orthodontist here in Toronto who works with TMJ patients and is very familiar with Face-pulling. We are going to have a chat on the phone this week! Funny how easy things can work out!

I have some more questions...

Have you heard of Cranial Therapy an orthodontist recommended it to me - is it comparable to NCR? There looks to be no NCR trained therapists near by.

I am looking at taking a retreat with the Shamonic De-armouring people... it is fine to do something like this before I even get started with an appliance/ face pulling?

As of now I am looking for an orthodontist that will provide an ALF appliance / facepulling support.

I saw one - she said the Homeoblock would perhaps work, and Face pulling - while she knows the procedure - she hasn't done it before.

Best regards

I just got back from a dearmouring session today. You should do it as soon as possible - it is so amazing! No need to wait... An ALF can be worn on top and bottom and then pulling can be done with a custom mouthguard with steel reinforcement wires.

I don't think Cranial Therapy can compare with NCR, but it never hurts to look into new things.

I've decided against the Shamonic Dearmouring until next year when I can save the money to go.

The news is that I've met with an ortho that provides the ALF. He is currently wearing it himself and it has done amazing things for him. Since I've worn braces twice in the past - I will need to get braces again after the ALF to close the spaces that will develop between my teeth as the jaw widens. He has quoted my insurance $8000 - hoping they will cover half - I may shop around for a better price but I can't see it being much less if at all. Also, he showed me a version of the ALF with acrylic and reinforced wires on the side for facepulling. He says that i need to an xray image done and then will measure the optimal alignment of my jaw to show whether I need it. Anyway just thought I'd update you.

All the best!

Hey man, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading through your website today. Started with the iodine page (I'm hypothyroid) and wound up on the TMJ (which I also have) page. You are so funny and great observations as well. Couldn't agree more about the illuminati basically burying humanity under this mountain of shit we are crawling through - what Alan Watt calls "the bad news" - nobody wants to know it because it's so depressing, but how can you begin to deal with a problem before you really face it in all it's infinite shittiness? Hard to imagine this isn't a fundamentally amoral universe we are living in. How could justice ever be served for such ghastly crimes (and no sign of any on thehorizon)? Maybe the worst thought of all is that, unlike others, I don't see any need to bring aliens into it. Such behavior is all too human and I can imagine just about anyone I know (even myself, perhaps) being corrupted absolutely by the influence of absolute power. By the way, do you have any before and after *profile* shots for the face pulling thing? Take Care.

I can dig up some profile shots and upload them. Give me a few days.

You may want to look into the work of Michael Tsarion. His premise is that it is alien DNA that is behind what he dub "evil."

Ok, thanks. I was just wondering if you could see the difference from profile. I'm a great admirer of Michael Tsarion. Really like his work for the most part. I just think people tend pawn it all off on aliens because they can't wrap their heads around humans being so evil, but there is petty evil all around us - it's only limited by the degree of power. Humans are capable of pretty much anything far as I can see. Have you ever heard of Alan Watt (no "s" - website is cuttingthroughthematrix.com)?

Yes, I got all his CDs and love listening to them. I am always hungry for this sort of material. lol

Plato, are you in Manhattan by any chance? There was something from your website that led me to think so. I'm on West 29th street. This is gonna sound strange but lately I've been wondering whether Alan might be an immortal. Ever hear of the myth of the immortal highlander? It's based on some things I heard from people who went up to visit him. Do you think it might be possible to achieve the ultimate in self-help paradigms - immortality? I think it requires a certain purity of spirit along with advanced consciousness and esoteric knowledge. I figure if anyone has found the secret, it would be Alan, combing through all those dusty old books filled with arcana. I'm in the middle of a book written in 1842 by an esotericist named Edward Bulwer Lytton (most well-known work is "The Coming Race") called "Zanoni" about immortals who live quietly among us.

This is awesome news!

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