FAQs about extractions.

My name is Seif, been corresponding with Kevin for the last few months and he's been very helpful in guiding/teaching me how to face pull. Lately, I'm having trouble with the method and Kevin advised me to contact you. My situation is this, had a bad diet growing up, only developed 1 wisdom tooth and have a missing tooth (upper left lateral). At 17 or so, orthodontist took out 4 teeth for braces etc... Felt like crap for a long time in many ways but I'm very thankful that it only took 6 years for me to have been made aware of the true problem: my structure.

I want to thank you for the information you guys put up, thanks to you, Kevin, Ian, Dr.Amir and everyone originally involved in this technique, I have a completely different perspective of reality.

Well, here's my issue, when I first started face pulling, was using a retainer Kevin had made for me. Now I have Damon braces, and you mention to attach the paper clips behind the eye teeth. Problem is on one side I'm missing the tooth between the central and eye tooth. This, combined with a leveling problem, makes it difficult for me to exert even pressure, as the anchor points are different.

As a result, one side of my face is more forward/higher than the other. Couldn't I attach the paper clips in the same place I used to when I had the retainer?

I would love your advice on this, thank you, take care.

Hi! I know you listed on your site that in order to do the face-pulling you recommend getting a hawley type retainer. I probably will not go this route as it is currently out of my budget, but I was wondering if you knew of any other methods for doing it? I was thinking perhaps of some kind of cheap rubber mouth guard (the kind where you take an impression) but I'd imagine it to be too weak. I am really keen on doing the face-pulling for my TMJ and I just wanted to check if you had any updated information or anything regarding it at all.

Thanks in advance!

Thank you for sharing. I am not fortunate enough to have teeth anymore.

Have you ran into any dentist or professional that could help? My cranial bones are all messed up have twisted my spine and hips. Or any tips on a dentist that knows his stuff besides quessing.

Thanks again for sharing.

P.S. I am sensitive to metals I don't know which ones at this time.

Since you don't have teeth I would focus on NCR and getting your spine aligned by the guy I talk about on my site.

Once you hit the wall with those techniques, then I would look into getting implanted dentures or something. They have some amazing stuff out there, and I would not give up. But I would start with working on the body level before approaching the face.


I had an amazing thing happen the other night. a certain tmj dentist of 35+ yrs stated that is he basically needled like accupuncture the lateral pterygoid muscle ( very small muscle he says you can't get to except with a needle, its the muscle that seems to cause a chain reaction and let the other muscles go as well. Well I went and tried to find that muscle and my jaw popped and moved the neck shoulders spine and hips moved and for the 1st time in years I felt normal. but it keeps going back due to the improper fitted dentures. I have an appt with a tmj dentist that has 30 yrs experience and makes his own sprints and dentures due to labs don't make them exactly to the tee. I am really excited that I am going to get my life back after all these years. thank you so much for e-mailing me. I am doing accupunture now and after fitted will be going to a chiro too. I also need to find someone that is proficiant in identifing muscle imbalances as well a pronation etc to re train my whole body to walk and relearn the correct patterns.

Take care

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