FAQs about Damon braces.

Hello!Thanks for your website. I came across your website through all the research that I'm doing with NCR. I had really crowded teeth during my teenage years. Unfortunately back then in the 80's I or my parents did not know any better so the dumbass orthodontist suggested a tooth extraction from the top and bottom( the first bicuspid from top and bottom arches) I had come across facefocused orthodontist in California(Dr. William Hang) who seems to be an expert at straighteningteeth according to your own facial features. I had stopped wearing my upper arch retainers, and even though my teeth did not go back to being crooked, they're definitely not where they are supposed to be. While I was examining my mouth carefully cause I felt that something still did not feel right, I noticed that my upper arch is not U shaped but rather V shaped, In other words my upper arch is under developed and narrow. It's not extremely narrow but it sure as heck could be wider. I've heard of people that have had it reversed where their arch was expanded even in adult age and they had their teeth put back where they should be. Man oh man1 I remember back in the 80's when I was treated by this other orthodontist whom I had asked about what had brought on the crowding of my teeth sensing that someting was wrong. And the stupid Doctor replied with: Your arch is too small for your teeth, which was totally wrong cause I had the right numberof teeth. All he had to do was expand my pallate/arch. But he didn't know any better and I did not know any better either back then. I still have a narrow arch and would like to expand it to where it should be. May have to have surgery or do the RPE I don't know. Who do you recommend for this procedure? Dr. Hang from Facefocused orthodontics in California. or your Doctor: David H. Seligman DMD from New York? I'd appreciate all you can do to help as I really want a normal wide arch. I'm also looking into NCR from a very knowledgeable Doctor Dr. Lieurance at the Advanced Wellness Center and might want to combine it with the Homeblock retainer type appliance by Dr. Theodore Belfor in New York. What do you suggest out of your honest opnion? You really fixed yourself great man! Congratulations! I guess all the hard work paid off. I'v always wanted a wider smile to fill in the corner gaps that were created when my teeth were extracted. Great Job ! and thanksfor giving us hope. Another question wouldn't maxilla and pallate expansion through surgery be a lot faster than all these other procedures? Not that I'm rich cause I'm certainly not. Just thought I'd ask. Thanks for the input. I really want to get started with this as soon as I can. Please reply.

I recommend Dr. Seligman from NYC. He does all the stuff that Dr. Hang does he's just waaay cooler. lol

Surgery as a way to attain your goals is a bad idea for the following reasons:

1. Cost is over 2x the $$$!

2. End result looks simply awful.

3. Maybe would shave 1 year off your treatment time? But who cares if end result is crap. As I said on my site, a female friend took this path and result was a disaster.

The latest in Damon hardware will make all the changes you require in an aesthetically balanced fashion, and quickly and without pain.

Dr. Hang is most famous for using braces to re-create space where extraction was, then placing an implant in lieu of extracted tooth.

Dr. Seligman does this as well, should you need it.

Thanks for your prompt reply Plato. Really appreciate your input. but I forgot to tell you that I also have a receding lower jaw. So not only is my dental arch underdeveloped but my lower jaw underdeveloped as well giving mu profile a not so veritcal appearance but a little towards the vertical side, not a whole lot but enough to need correction and look normal. I think right now it's a little abnormal looking. Does NCR correct this or do I have to have orhtognathic surgery to correct this? Does Dr. Hang also address this problem?What kind of procedure does he use for jaw recession? I really want my teeth back along with wider arches and my lower jaw to be normal. I have to speak in public at church and I'm kinda self concious about it. At the same time I really don't want to spend a lot of money on it caus I can't right now. But maybe I'm willing to if need be to get the desired results. (wider pallate,teeth reversal. and lower jaw advancement) Thanksfor all your help. May God bless you and all you do to bless other people.

Hello, I was reading your website about face pulling and was wondering what braces you recommend? The Damon System?

If you decide to go with braces (there could be other options), you can never go wrong with the latest from Damon (check their website for latest tech).

Of course, having an ortho who subscribes to the idea of using them to remodel bone is of critical importance. ;)

What other options are there?

It depends on your situation and what you want done. But I am a big fan of ALFs on upper and lower.

I read about ALFs and they do sound nice and state of the art. What I want done is fixing my lower jaw, its pretty crooked and I have an overbite and a gummy smile. I haven't had any teeth extracted.

It's great you have no extractions. So the critical thing is to find an ortho who doesn't believe in extractions, and rather believes in expansion. The two best ways to achieve natural expansion is with Damon and ALF. Do NOT get palatal expansion surgery or use a palatal expander!

I would start with this, and then if applicable, add face-pulling to your daily orthodontic regimen.

Why shouldn't a palatal expander be used?

I go over this on my website. Palatal expanders and the surgeries that go along with them will expand your face in 2D, and not 3D. As a result, you will end up looking like the "missing link." lol

Ouch, wouldn't want that :D. Which would you say is better the ALF or Damon system? Also, what do you think about the homeblock.

Homeoblock is shit.

As far as ALF vs. Damon, it depends on your situation and your goals. If you need massive remodeling of the lower jaw bone which would require 5 years of work, then wearing ALFs is obviously better then 5 years in braces which is not healthy for your tooth enamel. If you don't need extensive lower jaw bone remodeling, then braces are better. Plus, if you've got crooked teeth and bite issues braces are better. One option is to use ALFs for 3 years and then do 2 years of braces to finish the job perfectly.

Some ideas to bounce off your ortho...

Well I'm not really sure what I need. What would you consider massive remodeling needs? I know that one of my canines on my lower jaw is crooked as well as another, so I know I have some jaw problems.

Massive remodeling is when the lower jaw bone needs to be grown larger. Instead of surgery, you would use an ALF for maybe 5 years.

I honestly don't think I have that problem. Just crooked teeth


I came across your blog found it interesting. Did you use a dental appliance like homeoblock or DNA or just the Damon braces?

Damon braces. I don't like the homeoblock. What is the DNA? -Plato

DNA is similar to Homeoblock. Why don't you like it?

How long did you wear Damon for?

Damon was 2.5 years. I just am not impressed with Homeoblock results.

Really? You speak from personal experience as you know someone who used it? Or from what you see online?

My friend bought one, and I was not impressed with what it did for him. It isn't that the homeoblock doesn't work, the problem is that for the money that is charged you can get something that blows it away. Many things "work" but you want something amazing for your money and suffering. If you aren't going to get Damon braces, the next best thing is upper/lower ALFs and wear them for 5 years. This will make real changes. The reason you need to wear them so long is because remodeling the bones of the jaw is a very slow process. The palate is easy.

The homeoblock is one of those half-assed solutions that gets pushed because people make lots of money from it.

Was he compliant? This can be a major factor in outcomes from one to another. With Damon you are bracketed so obv this is a non-issue. I don't see Damon mention bone remodeling. Does this occur and is it documented? Did you feel you benefited from new bone growth or did it have more to do with the added face pulling?

What is ALF I'm not familiar?

Yes, he was. Damon's bone remodeling is well-documented. I did benefit from new bone growth from the Damon. Face-pulling doesn't remodel bone.



It would depend on the individual situation. One may be better in one or another patient.

Interesting. For me it's not so much my teeth. I have straight teeth and a good smile. Never had braces. I do however want expansion of the mid face to my true potential. I had seen some documentation on the Homeoblock regarding new bone growth so I'm surprised you feel this way but I suppose the proof is in the pudding. ALF seems interesting and not unlike the Homeoblock. Any idea what these cost?

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