FAQs about craniosynostosis.

Hi, I found your website about face pulling very interesting and was wondering if you would be able to direct me to someone who can help me start this type of treatment?

I have sleep apnea, and four bicuspid extractions, TMJ, and a narrow flat face. I've tried NCR and loved it but I need more. I'm trying to avoid jaw surgery as much as possible. I e-mailed Dr. Belfor (creator of homeoblock) but never received a response from him. I'm hoping I'm a candidate for this type of work.

The before and after pictures on your website are pretty impressive. I'm always up for new and unconventional ways of healing. Thanks for posting all the info!

I currently reside in El Paso, TX.

I am not familiar with anyone in Texas, yet armed with the information on my website, you should be able to search for and interview potential dental professionals.

Thanks, I appreciate it. I am a little confused though. Is there a doctor who knows about and will "prescribe" the face pulling helmet thing or is it something I'll need to figure out on my own? Sorry to bug.

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