FAQs about bone remodeling.

Hey i stumbled upon your website god knows how, but it is sort of a revelation. I’m amazed how literally a person can change almost who they are for the better. If what you say is true…which i do believe it is. Though i dont see any recent posts from you and would like to know of your recent progress and i had a few questions as well.

The first one being, ive read all about your transformation and i am wondering was your change in height and your widening of your rib-cage and physique due to the face pulling alone? What am i exactly expecting to see changed in myself besides the maxilla moving forward? and really how safe is it.

There have been no recent updates to my site (the blog is Kevin's) because I haven't hit a milestone worth updating the site about yet, however my progress continues in a very impressive fashion. Once I hit the milestone I have in mind, there will certainly be updates! lol

Ask all the questions you like...

The change in height was just over 1 inch. Kevin grew 2 inches. I know an inch may not sound like a lot, but it is - especially when you are already considered tall. Wearing shoes adds another inch naturally, so on the street I am just over 6'2" and Kevin is 6'4"

Neither of us have measured our ribcage (something we regret but didn't anticipate consciously), but there have been changes. Kevin's is most remarkable. Incredible ribcage changes.

Expect ALL SORTS of changes - all for the better! lol

It's really safe, actually... just don't pull for more then 20-30 minutes, don't pull with force, and be mindful or what is going on for you.

Oh haha no trust me i know ive had friends who are "just an inch" taller than myself and its quite a diffrence. Anyway thats great to hear, I was just nervous when i saw the first "warning". Something about people suddenly forming severe depression lol.

So now my situation is getting an actuall retainer or finding a method to do the facepulling considering i dont have braces. I saw the clear retainer option with the strong wires. Im just not sure how to go about explaining the actuall hooks to the orthodontist or if a ortho visit is even nescassary . Those "do it yourself" impression kits you get online look reliable. What are your thoughts?

Hi, after watching your video a few times and actually trying face pulling myself I'm still worried about how much pulling out and upward force to use and I know that's a very tricky answer to give with just words, however maybe the best way to ask is when you are finished with a 40 minute session how does your face and teeth feel? Do they feel just a tad sore, but not uncomfortably so? I'm just wondering if I'm applying too much pressure as I think I have a relatively high pain threshold as well. I think I tend to want to pull harder just under where it gets uncomfortable or hurts a little. Is that what you do? Any help on this would be appreciated..thanks for your time!

40 minutes is too long. Do 20-30 minutes. You need to use a force that relaxes the body and doesn't panick it. If you start to feel psychologically skeevy or your pupils dilate, you are in sympathetic mode and you always want to be in parasympathetic mode. It sounds like you are using too much force. :) Pulling harder or longer then my guidelines will not give you better or faster results, just trouble.

Hmm okay Plato, I believe I understand..I think I'm using a little too much force after hearing your description..I'll try to find the right amount of pressure where my body feels the most relaxed which I assume will fluctuate slightly all through the session, however when you say to do 20 to 30 minutes instead of 40, are you just saying for a while then slowly increase to 30 to 40 after a month or two..or just stay at the 20 to 30 for as many months or years as I do it? Thanksagain for your help!

I'm fascinated by the face pulling technique on your website. Thank you for taking the time to detail it so comprehensively. I just have one question if you don't mind.

On the site it stresses that the angle of pull must always be upward. Most pictures of forward pull headgear that I've seen show the bands with a downward angle. What's the reason for an upward pull?

Many thanks

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Which pics show a downward angle?


If you have a look at this website - www.thecranencrp.com - it shows an angle of downward pull.

I've also attached a few pics from google image search.

Many thanks

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