FAQs About The Atlas Bone.

Hey I recently came across your website about your journey with face pulling and NCR. Are you still using those techniques? And if so are there still major changes occurring? I have never had any teeth pulled out before because I never had crowded teeth. In fact I have the opposite, I have gaps in five teeth both upper and lower, so either my jaw is too big for my teeth or my teeth is too small for my jaw. Will the face pulling device still be applicable to me? I want to use it to create a perfect bite, if I don't have one, ( I need to see an orthodontist about because I have never been to a dentist in my life!) but more importantly I am more concerned with creating a more symmetrical face. I have also learned that the face pulling device has made the patients at least an inch taller. I have already emailed Dr Amir so I am waiting for his reply. Thanks for your time Bert

Thanks for writing. I still use the techniques along with my friends and changes keep happening.

I would suggest you see an orthodontist and get an initial opinion and then get back to me and I could shed more light on your situation.

It is also great that you reached out to Dr Amir.

Yes I emailed Dr Amir but still have not gotten a reply. When I get back to London I'm going to have to give him a call and see if I can book a check up appointment with him. Thanks for the reply

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